Thursday, December 31, 2015

What year is it??

Let it be said: I'm nothing if not prompt.

So here's a complete wall of nothingness to close out this trip around the sun, aka "That Year That I Never Blogged About Anything Except A Fluff Piece Just To Have Something Listed For 2015."

This is a noble craft, truly.

First off, hello! If you're reading this, GOOD NEWS! The ration has ended. I've greatly missed sharing my thoughts here, and I appreciate that there are still people who check in once in a while to see if anything new is up. Since I've been extremely neglectful, it will take some time to sort out my thoughts (and the fantastic back-log of projects that never made it to the Big Time here at the House of Thread). Hopefully, I can use some compositional duct tape and desperation to cobble together a couple of earth-shatteringly amazing posts within the next week. Regularly scheduled blogging (ha) will commence at the previous rate of once every week or so, except on alternate Mondays that coincide with solar eclipses.

In the meanwhile, thank you so much to everyone who has contacted me privately and on the blog in the last year and a half. (Good grief, yes, it has been THAT long.) Whenever I formally pull my head from my neither regions and get back to this blog, it will be because of you.

Have a safe and Happy New Year, whatever you're up to! Please enjoy this traditional Holiday picture of a barefoot Shirley Temple clutching the hands of an inexplicably enormous clock whilst an elderly man pulls a long, knotted rope from his right nostril :


  1. I don't know your story, but I love your blog and have read it for a few years. I come back every once in a while. You're a fantastic writer and I can't get enough of your snarky style.

  2. Ack! You posted! And it only took me six months to notice and read it. :p More please!

    1. I did! And for the most shallow reasons imaginable. I literally was motivated solely by the fact I'd have no post listed for the 2015 calendar year. Which brings us to 2016, and the utter nothingness THIS year too.

      I should really do something about that.