Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fancy Shoes and a WTF Wannabe!

Ways to "Be Creative" with your fine Regency self:

Ways NOT to "Be Creative" with your fine Regency self:

"Tuppence, for the last time, that's NOT A CLOAK OF INVISIBILITY."

American Duchess has trotted out the New and Awesomely Fancy Regency slipper! Check it out:

I know what you're thinking... those are some SERIOUSLY sexy ankles. The shoes compliment them nicely. Pre-orders are open, and the price is amazing. (I spent almost half that on a pair of Etsy Bridesmaid Specials! Dammit, Lauren...) 

Thank you everyone who accepted the Inspiring Blogger Award! Being nice to people is an uncomfortable and unfamiliar prospect for me, but the pay-off has been fantastic! I've been stockpiling new blogs from everyone else's nominations like an Extreme Couponer with deodorant. 

It's been Spring for a couple of weeks now, but I never count it until after Easter. So you know what? HAPPY FREAKING SPRING!!!

ETA: Sorry for the late-breaking news, but mad props (always and forever) to Nuranar for the voluptuous vixen in a veil! 


  1. It may have been spring there awhile, but it's only thinking about it now up/down here. Happy spring to you, too!

    Very best,


  2. Thanks for the shout-out! Sorry for the awkward ankle shot, lol - I only get one shoe when we do a sample, instead of a pair, so it's always a weird single-shoe image. hahaha

    1. The ankle shot is completely fabulous. It just needs a few props, like a miniature village crushed under your heel and some photo-shopped people running for their lives?

      I don't know; you're the artist.

  3. Of all the hc blogs I have read, yours is by far the most entertaining! Love it! You've got a great voice! Keep up the great work! -sj