Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'd like to thank the academy...

You guys...I totally got another blog award. Such is the state of my fragile ego, that being granted the privilege of participating in what amounts to the digital version of a group hug has made my MONTH.

Look at it. Bask in it. Oh, how I love blogging.

I owe my nomination to Lauren at American Duchess, who is not only inspiring as a blogger, she's an entrepreneur and a pretty dang intrepid gal all around. If I had half of her gumption, I'd have a Doctorate and a clean house by now.

As usual, there are stipulations. I am obliged to tell all of you guys 7 awesomely random things about myself (as if I have a shut-off valve for doing that anyway), and then select 15 of my personal favorite inspiring bloggers to pass the love onto.

Awesomely Random Things:

* I am obsessed with pillowcases. Let me say that again: I am OBSESSED with pillowcases. My personal preference is for antique cases (light on the embroidery, thanks) made of long-staple cotton. They must remain cool to the touch at all times and "feel right" (whatever that means). Seriously. I have this entire tortured process of examining and fondling each prospective case that takes place in the market stalls of long-suffering linen merchants at antique fairs and junk stores. Naturally, I'm overly defensive of said pillowcases and have been known to pay exorbitant ransoms to get them back from hotels when they are inadvertently left behind.

* I've made 11 wedding cakes since 2005. Of those 11 happy couples, 2 are still married. What does this tell you? HIRE A PROFESSIONAL.

* As a particularly coordinated and attentive young adult, I managed for a period of time to have both an arm AND leg cast. The injuries were sustained less than two weeks apart when I was 13, and for added fun, were both on the right side of my body. Yes, I'm predominantly a "righty." Good times!

* I freaking love reading mommy blogs. Especially Mormon mommy blogs. I don't know why. I possess neither children, a hipster husband or nice teeth. I am not of their tribe. But I am in thrall of them and I hope they never stop.

* Sewing profanity: I never, EVER iron as I sew. No matter what it is. At best, I'll hang the fabric on the clothesline for a few hours. My rationale is impeccable. I'm lazy and I hate to iron. I understand that this really is a big deal. I admire those who iron and I do get why people do it. But I just can't make myself.

* I don't eat pigs. Not for any respectable dietary, religious or moral reason. I just decided not to eat pigs one day and now, I don't. (I do have a mild pork allergy, which is usually the reason I cite for passing on the super pork deluxe baconater pepperoni pizza with ham sauce, when such things come up.)

Piggy from Wiki

* At the 1992 end-of-summer awards ceremony at a YMCA-run camp, I was given a paper certificate to commemorate my achievement in the field of "Philosophical Thoughts." This is a testimony to both the pervasive culture of inclusion at government-funded camps and my utter and complete failure to act like a normal human child for even a single summer.

Alrighty! Time for the good stuff!

I went with blogs that inspire me AND that weren't on Lauren's list. No particular order, because that's just the kind of classy lady I am:

A Fashionable Frolick- Two sisters with a love of historic fashion and mad sewing skills? Yes, please.
The Couture Courtesan- Impeccable seamstress and historical interpreter (at Williamsburg, I believe) with wonderful taste. I love every new dress post!
A Sartorial Statement- Chelsea is a fearless costumer with an awesomely nerdy streak.
A Most Beguiling Accomplishment- An incredibly skilled seamstress when she's not too busy broadening my horizons with her translations of French fashion plates and her research.
Kitty Calash- I have never NOT laughed at one of her posts. She is an incredible seamstress and a wit, to boot!
Genteel Musings- Annabelle can apparently do ANYTHING. I learn something every time she posts and I have fun while doing it.
A Most Peculiar Mademoiselle- Sarah in Sweden is amazing! She weaves, sews, embroiders and just to give me an even worse inferiority complex, recently started another blog (in Swedish) to assist Medieval Reenactors with historical accuracy.
Romantic History- Sarah Jane is a marvel. I have been reading her blog for several years and she constantly amazes me. Her eye for fit, proportion and color is amazing. She is a joy to read.
Art, Beauty and Well-Ordered Chaos- Come for the awesome articles, stay for the sense of humor. I'm a new reader to this one, but Gail's blog is a jewel.
My Vintage Visions- I love Emily's practical advice on enjoying a life in vintage clothing. Plus, she sews (and wears) it perfectly!
Couture Aranel- This blog is such a treat. There's a heavy mix of fantasy along with the history, which I really enjoy.
Story of a Seamstress- Atlanta sews flawless garments from Regency through the 1950's, and will be getting married within days! I love what she shares of her lifestyle as well as her beautiful sewing.
Dressed in Time- Caroline produces at least one drool-worthy finished ensemble every month or two. I don't know how she does it, I'm just glad she writes about it.
A Frolick Through Time- Natalie is an accomplished needlewoman who writes conversationally about her sewing exploits and invariably peaks my interest about something I've never heard of before. But as much as I love her blog, the genteel kindness of her quotidian sign-off to her comments (on her own blog or others) never fails to make me smile.
Festive Attyre- I love the scope of her costuming interests!

I really need to notify everyone... I'll do that when it's not 3:00 in the morning.

Thank you again to Lauren, and to everyone who shares their historic costuming and sewing fetish for all the world to see. Reading your blogs is one of the few reasons I am glad that I was born in the modern era after all.


  1. Congrats again, and hooray for passing on the now-tradition of random facts! :-) You always make me laugh with your writing style. :-)

    1. Isn't it glorious? There are people who pay actual trained professionals to help them come to grips with half the stuff we happily post for all the world to read on these blogs. I love it!

  2. I just want you to know, I'll give you a digital hug ANY TIME. :)

  3. Thank you so much for the award! I'm glad you enjoy my blog! :)

    1. I enjoy it greatly, and you are welcome! Congrats again!

  4. I nominated you for this award again. You are officially Double Trouble. Congrats!

    1. Thank you, Liz!! I wanted to throw you under the bus on the first pass, but Lauren beat me to it. Congrats back at you! I'm not going for a round two. My insufferable sense of entitlement would overtake the neighborhood if I tried.

      And happy Marriage to you again! You secretive girl, you. I DEMAND to see wedding photos.

  5. STOP NOMINATING ME, you fiend! Ok just kidding, it feels awesome, and thank you, and now I have to go find some folks neither you NOR Lauren have nominated which is going to be a feat in itself. Also, if I get married to someone I think I might possibly have even teensy doubts about, I'll hire you to do the cake just so I have an excuse to veer off into a ditch on the marital highway later on. The cake made me do it!

    But I'd want a Han Solo and Princess Leia cake, for future reference.

    1. I will NOT stop nominating you. BE HONORED, DAMMIT.

      And yes, please only consult me for your bakery needs if there are many, many doubts. I had a sneaking suspicion that I was a curse to marital bliss after the second couple split, so the following SEVEN failed marriages kind of cemented my place in the Matrimonial Death-Match Hall of Shame.

  6. Thank you, thank you! I am always so entertained by your blog. Love it! Totally honored :)

    And I completely agree about the mormon mommy blogs! It's like crack. I scroll through pinterest and then lament I don't have a family of ten I can crockpot cook for, whilst redecorating their little bedrooms in snazzy matching themes. All DIY, I might add.


  7. I also have to chime in and agree on not eating pigs, for the same non-compelling reason. And watching devout Morman mommy bloggers try and cope with their constant child-bearing, end-times-stockpiling overwhelm really is good fun. Especially when they start linking to recipes for those giant cans of dehydrated stockpile food that will last 30 years before spoiling.