Monday, October 22, 2012

Yes!! That's it! Stroke my ego!!

That most elusive of blog awards has been bestowed upon me:

The rules for accepting this luscious prize are:

* Add the award icon to your blog. (Done diddly done, as Ned Flanders would say.)
* Thank the nominating party and Open the Very Gates of Paradise so that Others May Bask in the Golden Splendor of their Blog. (Liz, Thank You.)
* Nominate 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
* Post 11 facts about yourself or answer 11 questions. Presumably the 11 questions are to be of your own creation. The best part of this rule? Optional. Yeeeeeeehaaaaawwww!

Let's meet our contestants!

Sarah at The Petulant Needle: Sarah, you had me at Jane Seymour in Geordi's VISOR.
Isabella at All The Pretty Dresses: She's basically creating a database of antique clothing that is either coming from or going to private collections. Meaning that without her vigilance and ebay stalking, there would be a whole lot less pretty stuff on the internet.
Chandra (I think) at Dressing the 1840's: She claims that there were decades other than the 1860's during the 19th century, and that it is possible to somehow make and wear clothing from these other decades. I mean, I suppose it's possible, but it just seems... no. It's not possible.
Carly at Bella Miss Ella: Costuming powerhouse who fearlessly posts pictures of herself mastering pretty much everything she touches.
Annabelle at Genteel Musings: Because seriously. It's Annabelle.

I will spare my adoring public the "11 things" bit. After all, I only just shared 7 things with you people a couple of weeks ago! Surely that's sufficient for a lifetime. However, I do feel a pang of guilt for depriving you of the nightmare-fuel that an 11-part self generated question and answer session would otherwise provide. So! May I present the Greatest Thing I Never Bought:

It's a rock candy goose and two indifferent ducklings swimming through a sea of metallic spaghetti and burlap. Carefully handmade and then abandoned in the greatest bastion of outsider art on earth: a random Goodwill in West Virginia. Don't believe me about the rock candy? Fine. 

You're welcome. The best part? This is one of a pair. Somewhere in a West Virginia living room, these flanked something even worse.

Thank you again, Liz for the award. If I were less of a lazy, self-righteous jerk, I would have thanked you weeks ago! I blame a birthday, mid-terms at school and my recent discovery of the wild and wacky world of smart phones. Yes, I have floundered, staggered and fallen into the 21st century.

But, as God is my witness: I will NOT start instagramming pictures of my lunch.


  1. NO REGRETS! Only redingotes!
    Keep up the snark, sewing, and WTF Regency posts (because those things make me giggle giddily at work). :)

  2. Ummmm I'm not sure those little bits are rock candy. I think you may have stumbled upon an amazing display of crystal meth art secreted away for a little wheeling and dealing. Only someone on drugs could have thought that looked like a gorgeous craft in the first place.

    The greatest thing I never bought at a local thrift store was a fishbowl complete with pretty glass pebbles and plastic-y sea frondage, only wait, what was lurking behind the olive-drab tendrils? Oh, yes, the dessicated corpse of the former tenant. :(