Saturday, October 27, 2012

It starts innocently enough...

First, you gotta have a plan, right?

So here's the plan.

Via Ye Wiki of Vintage Papergoods. And how freaking awesome is it that there is a vintage pattern Wiki?!

Phase 1: Decide which vintage pattern hotness to use. There's the one up above, which I don't own and can't find for sale at the moment, so that adds a bit of romance and intrigue to things...

And then there's this one, recently resurrected from the depths of the pattern hoard:

Some modifications would be in order, but the bones are great.

Phase 2: Acquire yardage. The sudden passion for this project is entirely the fault of my midnight fabric trawling habits. (Thank you, for sending me helpfully harassing email alerts every day that I somehow manage NOT to browse.) But! The new fabric is totally cute and tacky!

Which brings us to Phase 4: Collect the new, totally cute and tacky fabric off the line tomorrow after it dries. Why? Because I am a bad not-so-housewifely woman who hangs her laundry up too late in the day for it to dry.

I suppose I could have waited til the morning to put it out, right before I left for work. But that would have totally killed Phase 3:

Pretend the laundry needs to go out RIGHT NOW so that I can enjoy the view from the field. 

And besides, I just don't know what I would do with myself if I didn't give the neighbors something to gossip about. Leaving your laundry up overnight 'round these parts is somewhere between Adultery and Horse-Thievery on the neighborhood Richter Scale of Socially Unacceptable Deeds.

I suppose that makes the angry mob "Phase 5." Updates to follow, but likely after Halloween and a weekend of Civil War tomfoolery!

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