Thursday, September 20, 2012

WTF: Regency

Wherever they're going, I hope it's together.

"Mavis Whittle-Snape had occasion to reflect upon her folly many times that day, none so much as when she met Beatrice McBlodgins in the avenue on the way to watch a public execution."

Mavis: "Good-day, Beatrice. Won't you join me at the gallows?"
Beatrice: "Thank you, no, Mavis. But let's not mince words. I can see your... rather sheer shift."
Mavis: "That's not a shift. That's a petticoat."
Beatrice: "Fine. But I can see the junction."

Bloody brilliant. This solves so many dilemmas of etiquette ... that timeless question of what to wear when you want to prostitute yourself, but you also need to attend an infant baptism later in the day? A completely sheer gown and chapeau combo with a modesty apron, of course! The only thing that's actually lined on the entire ensemble is the lower sleeves. An odd touch, that. I suppose she wished to avoid the scandal that visible forearms would have ignited.

And possibly the most unbelievable aspect of this whole thing: who would wear this in May in LONDON? It's about 58 degrees at high-noon in London, in May. I would say "in the sun" rather than "noon," but as we all know, January to December is the rainy season in England.

All my best to Nuranar, who is probably wishing that I was a little less assiduous in giving credit for images right now.


  1. I'm not sure Beatrice has much right to be commenting as she is most definitely bedecked with a gilded horseshoe crab atop her coiffure.

    Also, Mavis' lined sleeves are RIDICULOUSLY long...maybe it's her weekly housedusting outfit and she just uses her fabric-draped hands to swipe along every bookshelf and curio cabinet, then slaps them against the apron when they get too many dustbunnies? Definitely WTF :D

  2. Shows young women and risque fashions have always prevailed! :) Wearing something so sheer today would be as shocking, unless it's lady Gaga or other of our modern "actresses".

    There's another funny picture depicting the folly of wearing such fashions in England's climate.
    The middle Grace has already caught a cold...

    1. Shows that girls in "the only way is Essex" and "Geordie shore" had ancestresses just as wild as them.

  3. Reminds me of The cartoon "the graces in high wind" by Gillray.

  4. This is gold. Like not even just "comedic gold." Actual gold.

  5. Oh, keep it coming! I can only imagine what you'd do with a modern Project Runway image (assuming the copyright folks aren't out whacking the aisles with their long knives...)
    Still laughing,
    Nancy N