Friday, September 14, 2012

A Blog Award!

So Cassidy at A Most Beguiling Accomplishment majorly lowered her standards and nominated me for a blog award: the coveted Versatile Blogger Award. (I make the rules here and I say it's coveted.)

The rules for accepting this little slice of heaven are:

* Thank the nominating party and link back to their blog
* Paste the award to your blog
* Share seven things about yourself (content not specified... yikes)
* Nominate 15 other blogs for their contribution to the action-packed world of Versatile Blogging.

Here we go!

Thank You:

I think I covered the gratitude in the last post, but you can't be too gracious. So once more for luck, Thank You, Cassidy , for the nomination!

Of Paste:

Done and done. Not that it was easy or anything. Nooooo.... I am apparently the last human on earth who can't figure out how to cut and paste something outside of a "Word 97" document. But there! There it is! Over there! (Somewhere to the right, I think.)

Seven Things of Wonder and Delight about me:

1. I am just under six feet tall in my stockings. Add any kind of shoe to the mix and suddenly, I'm the Jolly Red Giant.

2. Sometimes, I make little puppets. My favorite is Jim the snake:


3. I was born in North Carolina and currently live in South Carolina, yet I have virtually no trace of a Southern accent. Why? I have no clue. It must have been a conscious act, but I don't remember dropping it. (When I was a wee child, the accent was intense, y'all.)

4. I am on the cover art of an e-book for a New York Times best-selling author. (In very, very, VERY heavy make-up. And where the make-up failed, I used duct tape. And where even duct tape could not prevail, photo-shop picked up the slack.)

5. The title of my blog is a play on words from the Anne of Green Gables books. (Specifically, Anne of Avonlea I think, but who's counting? Oh yeah.... I am.) She is referred to as a "red-headed snippet" by a truculent neighbor to the Cuthbert farm. Weirdly, I have been called this in real life by a disgruntled older gentleman at a previous job.

6. I have three cats, but only BatMan: Destroyer of Sofas lives indoors.

Yes, that's dried paint on my floor. I have better things to do than live in a clean, safe environment. 

7. My lovely assistant, Headless June the dress-form was named after an antique doll I have been steward of for the past decade, "Headless Lou." Headless June now has a friend, though! Thanks to a work buddy I am the proud new owner of a gently used, but slightly neglected dress-form. She's currently gray, but that is likely to change soon. But the damage has been done: her name is now Headless Jane, i.e. "Jane Gray." Don't judge me. By my standards, this is clever. 

Fifteen Bloggers Who You Should Be Following Instead Of Me:

Cassidy went all classy and thoughtful and picked people that she thought hadn't received the award in the past. I tried to follow her example, but there may be a duplicate nominee or two. If you're one of the duplicates, you'll just have to suffer the outrage and indignity of being complimented twice. These are in no particular order, except for Annabelle, who has been a heap of fun since I discovered this whole blogging thing and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. In gratitude for all the awesomeness and "versatility" they've brought to the world, I'd like to nominate the following bloggers:

Annabelle at Genteel Musings
Sarah Jane at Romantic History
Laura at Unconvinced and Stubborn
Nabby at This Old Life
Isabella at All The Pretty Dresses
Caroline at Dressed in Time
Jen at Festive Attyre
Kate at Madam Novice: Adventures in Costuming
Jo at Bridges on the Body
Sarah at The Petulant Needle
Susan at The Dress Diaries
sfcdyer at Serena Dyer (older entries here: Serena Dyer at Serena Dyer)
Lindsey at Stitcher Baby
Sarah at Historical Personality Disorder
Atlanta at The Story of a Seamstress

Don't worry. This "sharing" and "being nice" crap is coming to a close soon. I'll be back to my usual bitter, twisted self as soon as I quit clomping around the house in my Pompadours and reliving the moment of receiving the Versatile Blogger Award over and over again in my mind.

Happy Blogging, Y'all!


  1. I actually caught the reference to Anne of Avonlea, and it was this precise reason that I decided to follow your blog. I wish I could come up with a clever title for mine...

  2. Thank you Alison! You and your blog are the highlight of my reading list! -sj