Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Two Nice Surprises!

...surprises for me, that is. You, as the reading public (hello to BOTH of you!) get the same old red-headed witch that you have come to love and fear.

You're welcome.

The first treat came this past Monday, when a mysterious brown box appeared on my filthy porch:

Yes, I am totally convinced that a "unremarkable brown box" visual was necessary.

...Which held a slightly less mysterious white box!

Can you see where this is going? No? Okay. Hold on to your biscuits.

And inside was the gleaming off-white beacon of my personal fulfillment:

You are gazing upon a Pompadour. My Left Pompadour, to be exact.
This is very exciting stuff, people.

I've waxed enthusiastic about American Duchess offerings in the past, but aside from some sparkly shoe buckles, I've never taken the plunge on shoes before. Verdict? The Pompadours are fabulous. The fit is true, the comfort is extreme and the bone-white brocade is just begging for a dye bath. Green? Maybe? Like it matters. Merry Christmas to me.

The second and far more unexpected treat would be my very first blog award! I am shocked, amazed and a little horrified that someone as talented as Cassidy at A Most Beguiling Accomplishment would think that my tiny corner of the neurotic history nerd/costuming blogosphere would be worthy of note, but there you have it.

I'm famous.

Thank you so much Cassidy for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Due to the horrendous length of this post PLUS the requirements for the V.B.A. post, I will save the rambling acceptance speech and V.B.A. house-keeping for a post to follow.

That, and I have no clue how to "Paste the Award to [my] Blog." (Also known as requirement #2.)

Til next we meet!


  1. Funny, I have a remarkable soft spot for red-headed witches AND Pompadours! I'd give you an award too but I'm too lazy to make up badges and such. When my Pomps came, I fell asleep with them on because I didn't want to stop looking at them, haha.

  2. We need to invent a spurious award and randomly hand it out to people for no good reason. It should be called the "Anthreadnabellesnip Award for No Good Reason." Or something somehow even MORE clever. And in order to accept it, the delighted recipients must post photographs of themselves dressed as one of the two of us.
    I hope you're sitting down, because you're on the list for this award next. (Unless someone else already hit you up... I haven't checked.)

  3. OK, I am crazy for the look of these shoes!
    Just a couple of questions about fit, just because my feet are old and bony... is there any padding in the ball of the foot area? and... what are the soles like? Lastly, is the heel dye-able? If so, I can see some real fun happening around a contrast color there!

    I just found your blog, by the bye, thanks to American Duchess and Cassidy. It's unseemly how much laughing at work is going on as a result!
    Auntie Nan (Nancy N)

    1. We of the bony feet must stick together! I'll do my best to describe the shoes, but with all the usual caveats. There isn't a soft, squishy padding to the ball area, but there is a definite "spring" to the sole there. The shoe is most padded in the arch, which is glorious for my narrow, high-arched paws. I also own a pair of Burnley and Trowbridge shoes (mid-18th c.) and a pair of Robert Land boots (mid-19th c.). The American Duchess shoes are by far the most comfortable of the three. The soles are lightly padded but reasonably supportive on the inside. The outside (bottom) of the sole is smooth, thin and fairly supple.
      According to the American Duchess blog, the heels are paintable and dyable. She discusses it here:

      And let me know if you get a pair and paint them! I need inspiration.

    2. I will let you know if I get a pair! Right now, the spurious costuming funds are going to the gents frock coat... aargh...
      Auntie N