Saturday, February 15, 2014

Feel the Love. Do you feel it? How about now.

It's the National Valentine's Day after-party! Feel free to stock up on those unwanted heart-shaped chocolates and non-matching bra and panty sets at Target! While you're at it, remember to fight the siren-song of the hair dye aisle. She be a harsh mistress, the hair dye aisle. Yaarrrrgh.

As a chronic procrastinator, it's always tough wading back into a project. Keeping up with this blog is a powerful test of my primitive time-management skills, and one that I will undoubtedly fail again someday. Being a card-carrying, socially awkward internet exhibitionist, it's even more tough to share details about Real Life with an unknown audience. Therefor, my first order of business is to say "Thank You," to everyone who reached out to me after the last post. Your kind words really softened  the stress and sadness, and I have felt more like myself in the past few days.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my sardonic little heart. I am profoundly grateful.

Sewing News and Other Things That Relate To Having A Self-Described Historic Costuming Blog will come along soon, but in the meanwhile, enjoy this demonstration of my moral footprint on the world. I recently started paying attention to the "Keyword Search" tracker for my blog.

18th century leather stays

threadheaded snippet

clear vinyl underwear

homemade corset

18 century stays tutorial

1840's women's dresses

cunningtons sleeve

john wollaston paintings

nice huge ----

wtf sewing crafts

Needless to say, I am profoundly disturbed. Why did "clear vinyl underwear?" only bring in my third highest group of readers? We need to work on this people. Reach for the stars, I always say. Also, thank you unknown Google searchers, for thinking of me as you look for "wtf sewing crafts." I sincerely hope that you found what you came for. And in what sordid universe does "nice huge #&@%" bring anyone here? *

I blame the Bulgarians. (Hi, Bulgaria!!) Apparently, Bulgarians love me. I like to think that I reach an international audience, but the sad reality is probably that I have alienated most of the native English-speaking world.

And here we have another week's fine crop:

how short can an 18th century petticoat be

thread headed snippet

18th century stays

allegorical paintings 17th century

dummy boards

elizabeth keckley quilt

fitting a regency bodice

flannel wedgie

"Flannel wedgie." My good work here is done.

*After quite a lot of deliberation, I decided not to include the exact word used. Mainly because it's blatantly false advertising. I mean, they haven't even SEEN my #&@%. 


  1. Lol - Love it! Random search keywords always crack me up.

  2. I would just like to say that, had I know clear vinyl underwear was a thing, I definitely would have searched for it

  3. flannel wedgie? i wonder if they needed a cure or a tutorial?