Sunday, December 2, 2012

Doin's are a-Happenin'

I apologize to the tens of you who breathlessly flock here every few moments to see if THIS time, somehow, I've updated the blog with the kind of riveting, thought-provoking insights into the high-class world of recreational fashion history to which you've all become dependent.

Try to console yourselves with this picture of young George Clooney:

Oh, behave! 
I have no idea what the original source for this is. Everyone seems to have simultaneously manifested it from the homely middle school annual photo gods. 

True story: I did not look that good in middle school. Nowhere near that good. 

Anyway, this is one of those annoying "I'm too busy to do a real post because I'm sooooo busy with school/work/life/assorted dependents and yet I have time to mess with my blog header and write this bunch of humorless tripe" posts that we all like to trot out once in a while. I excuse myself on the following grounds:

* I really, really needed to take a break from writing a hideous paper on "Prison Reform in the Nineteenth Century" that is not coming along very well despite the cheery topic.

* While wasting time yesterday browsing the "Blogs of Win" section on American Duchess, I stumbled across what has to be the 50th blog I've found that used the same freaking background I picked for mine. (By the by- new shoes! Boots! I wish the scallops from the prototype had survived to the final incarnation, but darn they're cute.) But this blog was the last straw because she even picked the same color scheme I did, which reminded me of how utterly little effort I've put into individualizing this cesspool.

* Finishing a blog post allows me to enjoy a very humble sense of relief in the finishing of something... anything... anything at all.

* I've been looking for an excuse to deploy boy George up there for a while.

So there we are. In the coming weeks, I hope to fix ye olde blog up a bit. I'm completely clueless when it comes to such things, so prepare for systematic failure. But I make this promise: Once I get some kind of something going on that isn't a cut-and-paste Blogger template, I won't mess with it again. This promise is protected by two indelible truths; 1., I am easy to please and 2., I am incredibly, nearly inhumanly lazy. 

That is all, 'til death or the end of the semester. Huzzah!


  1. Oh, damn! Well, console yourself--they can copy your wallpaper, and maybe even your whimsical typeface, but can't duplicate your sprightly and very welcome prose!
    Keep it coming.
    I guess I should take heart that if George looked like that at eleven, I should have turned out to be Grace Kelly, but NOPE.
    Auntie Nan

  2. It's ok, slothism hits us all every now and then...I am a master of it (non-updated blog, half-finished gown projects strewn about the house, and a kitchen remodel that is moving about as quickly as a glacier). Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the paper will start picking up steam and finish itself! I remember those days when there seemed to be no light at the end of the research/writing tunnel!

  3. Haha. Just found your blog and I love this post! The thought that finishing a blog post is an accomplishment cracks me up. I feel that way too sometimes.