Monday, November 19, 2012

Late one night, instead of sleeping...

Forgive the rudeness; I'm uncertain of the protocol one should observe while posting information from ACTIVE ebay auctions.

But this was too good not to post:

The auction listing (out of Great Britain) describes this as a "continental" piece, and "possibly Dutch." (I'm giving credit, not sarcasm there.) It's pretty bloody unusual to find a reasonably intact 18th century anything on ebay, but this gown is incredibly cool in its own right. Look! Ikat lining fabric!

And an interior shot of... something structural? I'm assuming that this is one of the pannier interiors with room for pockety goodness, but I have no clue "where" we are in this shot. (The original is oriented horizontally on the auction photo hosting site.)

There seems to be evidence of some lovely Victorian remodeling here and there, but mostly, it's just an incredible nice break from the ordinary ebay doldrums. 

Go drool, why don't you? 

And if you guys know active auction blog cross-posting etiquette, clue me in! 

**I am already a jackass for many, many other reasons. I don't need to compound my sins.**


  1. I'm no help as to the auction etiquette (although I do think you did it right), but I think the last picture would be the lacing under the back pleat of the gown.
    It is a gorgeous find !!! *drools some more*

  2. Thanks for the insight on the lacing! I would love to get a gander at the inner workings of a gown like this some day in "real life." Sigh. Back to ebay to stare longingly...