Friday, July 20, 2012

Another day at the farm.

The slightly overdue photo round-up from this year's consortium of mullets and bullets:

Some bodice wrinkles and boob for ya.

 Local reenactrixes. They were respectively holding a candle and a sewing basket, so I decided not to intrude. Also, I have no idea why the fence is wearing a hat.

Moft excellent difh of noodlef a la Chef Boyardee.

Brattonsville, like many historic sites, is essentially a historical parfait. There are layers of history remaining there; wars, births, new houses, old barns, portraits, graves. Every event is a different take on some part of the complex past of the site.


The original "Bratton" owner of the grounds left it to his eldest son, who became a doctor. Consequently much of the site is set up as a mini-museum of local medical equipment and related items.

Our heroine, showin' some ankle. And yes, this is the same staircase.

And last but not least, the main attraction: Honky the Pig. I love this pig. He's got personality AND he likes cats.

It was a nice reenactment and only slightly hotter and more humid than the devil's jock-strap, so that was good. The event was presumed cancelled for this year until a regime change at the site about 5 months ago. Huck's Defeat was back on by Spring, but a lot of reenactors (particularly military) weren't able to make it on such short notice. So this year boasted a few skirmishes instead of a full-scale battle. I actually think I like this better! No matter when people arrive, there's something to watch within an hour or two. I think the reenactors enjoyed it as well. Less time spent awkwardly sprawled near a tent pretending to whittle.

Thus wraps up this year's Day at the Farm.

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