Sunday, July 10, 2011

A day at the farm.

 A very accommodating interpreter. The blue wooden box holds an oxygen tank... he suffers from sleep apnea. Kudos to the adaptive interpreters. 

Over the holiday weekend, I traveled to a local Revolutionary War reenactment. Perhaps I speak in haste. I traveled to the SITE of a local Revolutionary War reenactment to which I arrived so "fashionably late" that I missed the battle entirely. This really wasn't as wretched as it could have been. I love the site, Historic Brattonsville, and the weird and wonderful collection of buildings and events that they host there. It was nice to wander about with my esteemed companion and enjoy a nice day with very little noise.

 Exhibit A: Weird and wonderful old building. 

This used to be a school for girls, among other sins. It's one of my favorite buildings on the site. Unfortunately, funds weren't available for years to restore it. Supposedly, things are lookin' up. I really hope so.

Several of the buildings on-site have been extensively restored and remodeled in recent years. One of these, called "Hightower Hall" (because it has a... high tower...) is another favorite. It even made an appearance in the movie "The Patriot" in a less improved state.

 Staircase inside Hightower. Walking... walking... walking...

 ...and stop to smirk. Why am I smirking? Because I am a poor, indolent servant girl who somehow managed to beg, borrow or steal glitzy brass shoe buckles.

This is an unimproved basement kitchen located at the main site. It's set up for roving bands of school children and historically-enthusiastic families. Lots of plastic fruit and resin cheese in evidence, but the place is amazing. Herringbone-laid brick floor, romantic exposed wood beams, and it still smells of smoke and herbs. Possibly due to the continued presence of herbs and the occasional fire, but a girl can dream.

And then there was the loom. The loom! I have a very fanciful idea that one day, I will somehow rig up a loom somewhere in my home. A standing loom. Like the sort that was excavated at Herjolfsnos. I've always wanted to learn to weave. This particular loom is a reproduction (I think) of a much later, 19th century design. The good folks at Brattonsville are working on recreating woven corded fabric to accurately recreate woven corded petticoats.

Yes, that's a cell phone. But if we're going to pick at things that aren't historically accurate with what I've got on, why start there?

It was a lovely day and a wonderful visit to a place I love. I hope to get more involved in the future with Brattonsville, be it volunteering or interpreting. Or petting the pig.*

*Don't pet the pig. He bites.

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