Friday, May 11, 2012

Pretty in Pink and a Pathetic List

Eat your heart out, Molly Ringwald.

I was doing one of those random "18th Century Portrait" Google searches that have consumed great swathes of my life lately, and I saw this! Apparently, Sotheby's of Paris "found" this Jean Etienne Liotard pastel of one Mademoiselle Jacquet recently. And now, we all get to look at it with awe and wonder until it finds a new home with an eccentric billionaire. 

Her dress is fascinating. I love the dainty pink patterned silk cape and the frothy lace cap. I'm not tremendously "girly" in my color choices normally, but this is so bloody charming. Her face is what really captivates me, though. How often do you see mirth in an 18th century portrait? Tremendous.

In other news, I've neglected to make a big deal about my "blogiversary" or "blirthday" or whatever the hell we're calling it now. According to my lovely back-log of posts, twas May 5 a year ago that first I published 'ere. There are older, unpublished posts but in the rules of bloggitude, they don't count.

That means it's time for...

Introspective Alison Rant! "First Year of Nice, Polite Blogging" edition!

For lack of a better way to annoy the few readers who may still be perusing this, I'll throw a few recent milestones down here for posterity.

Things that I've managed to do in the past year:

*  Level up to age 30. (As it turns out, you can reach an age where it's possible to get gray hair, wrinkles, AND zits.)

*  Graduate from University. (I started the four-year degree at 17 and made a few stops along the way.)

*   Complete the Jehossee Exhibit and show it-all-around. (More on that another day.)

*  Become an affirmed fabric hoarder.

*  Cleaned the house approximately twice.

Wow. I'm glad I decided to celebrate on my own before I made the list.

The private celebration involved booze and the acquisition of this:

The much-coveted Flora Francine Straw Oval. Boo-Yah!

Which I can wear while tap-dancing in my Pompadours. Because they will TOTALLY work for the 1850-60's too. Yep. Good 'ole all-purpose Pompadours.

Thanks for putting up with my tripe for a year. Here's to another 12 months of Thread-Headed Magic!

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