Thursday, May 10, 2012

American Duchess Awesomeness: Pompadour!

I get pretty hot n' bothered every time Lauren at American Duchess reveals a new shoe design or accessory.

BUT... I've never ordered a pair of shoes from her before. I went with red Burnley and Trowbridge walking shoes when the time came for my 18th century hoofing needs, and have been delighted with them. Since I can't afford to reenact at a glamorous level for the 18th century, I never harbored any serious notions of acquiring a pair of Georgianas, though I would love to dye and paint a pair of my own.

This Pompadour mess is where it's at, though. I absolutely adore these shoes! I love the point to the toe and the gorgeous, truly antique lines of them. They are intended for 17th- early 18th century wear, but to my highly suspect and extremely inexperienced eye, these things can maybe go the distance to the 1770's? Or at least they can in the "tormented logic and justification" part of my mind.

(Frantic "tormented logic and justification" Google search...)

These purport to be from 1760-1775 and are possibly French in origin. Image courtesy the Historic Deerfield Museum and  And these are kind of like the Pompadours! Sort of. Maybe?

Hmm... so be it.

I think that the taupe is my golden ticket to personal happiness, mainly for the opportunities of further embellishment.

These are ready for pre-order in FOUR more days. And will I be there? Yes. Yes I will.


  1. These are some truly gorgeous shoes! I think if I were you, I'd call it close enough for 1770's, if you love them that much ;)

    1. I'm already prepared. I'll wear them with my other quasi-accurate duds and if someone stops me to ask WHY I'm wearing ironic shoes, I'll just let my eyes well up with tears and say "Really? They're... they're wrong? Why do things like this keep happening to me! First the cancer and now THIS!" Or something equally horrid.

  2. Heck, once I get the Pompadours, if someone is foolish enough to criticize me wearing them for ANY time period, they will get a swift Pompadour kick to the face. I'm so torn though. Taupe...or black...or taupe...sigh.

    1. If I get the taupe and you get the black, we can feel superior to each other. Just a thought.

      And I've been waffling myself. The black looks so freaking classy...