Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New shoes? You choose!


American Duchess's most recent creation is the Gibson, a lovely little gem of a shoe with tons of style and a gorgeous design!

What I like:

* The fantastic open-work detail at the sides. (Like petals, but with a little more sass.)

* That classic American Duchess heel! 

* The elegant poise of the silhouette, tempered with a fierce little spirit of purpose. This is an impatient shoe... it's ready to take on the new century.

 The progenitrix of the Gibson, in all her mouldering glory.

What I love:

* The Gibson will be available in THREE colors! I think that is an American Duchess first on a pre-release. The butterscotch is my absolute favorite.

* The history. Like last year's Astoria, the Gibson is based directly upon an original shoe. Unlike the Astoria, Lauren owns the prototype shoe for the Gibson. I think that is why (in my opinion) this is her most dead-on perfect reproduction to date.

Did I mention the posters for this release are incredibly cute? Because they are incredibly cute. 

Pre-orders are now up and open on the American Duchess website! All three styles require a minimum order of 50 pieces before the production can be guaranteed, so we need to rally the troops.

Because it is absolutely necessary for my mental health that I get a pair of the butterscotch.

No pressure. 

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