Friday, January 25, 2013

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming...

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Sorry, folks! The latest "WTF: Regency" post is currently under construction. (Hence, the hipster gif.) I was notified by a reader (thanks, Isabella!) that the image I used was from the Special Collections of the University of Washington. After reading their "terms of use," I felt that the blog post may not have qualified. I've sent an email through the proper channels and I'm waiting to hear back. If I can use the image, the post will go back up with the proper link. If not, then it shall marinate for all eternity in the special hell of my "Unpublished Draft" box.

It's "snowing" in South Carolina today, which basically means that it's bloody cold and people think that it MAY snow somewhere, someday. If I regain the use of my fingers, I'll dig up another WTF to fill the gaping void in our hearts.

UPDATED 1/29/13:
The original post is back up, with proper credit. In theory, I should remove this post, but I can't bring myself to kill the digger gif.

Dig on, young man. Dig on.


  1. What with Pinterest and Tumblr and blogs, I wish collections would specify their feelings on cited, shared research/aesthetic use. I mean, technically it's fair use, but when one is trying to be conscientious it'd be nice to be able to abide by their standards, y'know?

    1. **insert martyred sigh here**

      Totally. The email I wrote contained phrases like "I do not run a website, yet my personal blog is not solely used for student research." In all fairness, I'm dancing here in a glorious gray area between thinly disguised scholarship and satire of my own making. If they decline to allow me to sully their goods with my snark, I will probably respect them more for it.

  2. Hope you warm up soon. We're having the remnants of a cyclone, flooding and tornados - and down south they are still fighting bushfires. Ah Australia, perfect one day and who knows what the next.
    Stay safe!