Wednesday, November 7, 2012

23Skidoo! Don't mind if I do...

It's that time again. You know... that special time?

No, even more special than that.

Yes. It's SHOE time.

American Duchess is up to her usual awesome shenanigans again. The most recent offering from the AD Dream Factory is the 20's-inspired "23Skidoo", which I think we can all agree is bloody gorgeous. I've had a weakness for t-strap pumps for much of my young life and these do not disappoint. Don't they look like they want to dance right off the monitor?? They just look like so much fun.

As usual, I think that the solid white may have my vote... I can't help it. That malformed nerve in my body that causes me to deeply desire to bedazzle things sees unlimited potential in the unblemished white expanse of leather. Two-tone pale blue toes with light tan straps? Red and white? Yellow and green? Gold and purple plaid?? The only limit is imagination and good taste, and if you follow my blog, you've already made some compromises on the latter.

Lauren, being classy as hell.

If you haven't already, trot on over and check out the pre-order for 23Skidoo. (And while you're at it, ogle the new stockings. Seriously, a pair of the blue need to find their way over to my house. Soon.) When you're done, wipe the drool off your beads, rouge your knees, light up a cigarette and slap another handful of Pomade on your bob. Don't forget: Everyone is just a little bit classier in a pair of American Duchess shoes!*

*It's a fact.

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