Monday, March 5, 2012

American Duchess Awesomeness: Kensington!

Why yes, yes I am.

A red-shoe woman, that is. Unfortunately, my claim to fame comes from my lovely red Burnley and Trowbridge's, not this latest offering from American Duchess. But I have Kensie Envy now, and those perky little French heels are a-callin' my name! So... we'll just have to see about this. I am a definite hold-out for the ivory, though.

Reasons these are freaking great:

* They are affordable. (Especially at the pre-order price! Time is money, folks!)

* They are longer, leaner and a little closer to my ideal of Our Shoes of the Immaculate Reenactment.

* They come in snazzy colors. (Though I'm digging the versatility of the up-and-coming ivory model.)

* It's good to support small business. Lauren has put countless hours of her own time and God knows how much of her own money in starting the American Duchess accessories line. Supporting her endeavors means that we get more stuff like this:

... Which I now own. (Take THAT, tax-man!)

Now don't ya want some new shoes??


  1. Urgh yes. I really sort of hate her a little bit for all these shoes/accessories because I now have a blue silk pair, a yellow leather pair, a pair of buckles...and the black Kensies would be great for common-wear...but then she's coming out with more buckles, and the earlier 18thc Pompadours that I have vowed to get...someone needs to stop her before I go bankrupt.

  2. I have had some very inappropriate thoughts about the Pompadours. They shall be mine. (maniacal laugh) Did you dye your own Georgianas?

  3. If your inappropriate thoughts tend toward sleeping with the Pompadours, sitting in a bubble bath with them, or eating decadent chocolate-covered strawberries in nothing but stockings and are not alone, and we should form a support group.

    Yes I did dye my Georgies...I saw someone else on posted on Lauren's facebook with a picture of their self-dyed Georgies the exact color I wanted, so I asked and they told me it was just cheapo Tulip fabric dye from Walmart. It was so easy to paint the dye right on with a brush. I also painted my Devonshires with leather paint from Dharma Trading and that was equally easy.