Friday, February 10, 2012

WTF: Regency

It's going to be a busy week. I've got (whine, piss, bitch, moan) to do and then I have to (whine, whine again, sob) all while I'm supposed to be doing (scream, piss, moan, cry.)

Loosely translated, I'm down to my last week of sewing time before I have to install pretty much all of the Jehossee project at the new Archives building of my friendly neighborhood University. Is it all done? No, of course not! Can I get it finished? Maybe... if I completely ignore personal hygiene (check!), blogging (yes, I can get even more inconsistent with posting), and all personal attachments (I would laugh ironically, but instead I think I'll cry myself quietly to sleep like usual.)

So I leave you with this, my WTF fashion moment of the week:

Hic! Who... who wantsh to play... play "Hide the Hand Under the Scarf?" Hic! Urggh.

Paris Dress? Paris Mess. She looks like Napoleon's after-dinner entertainment. It wasn't enough to trim the hem of the petticoat with 3-dimensional artificial hot-pink flowers, no, they had to be incorporated into the bodice of the gown as well.

The fact that the daisies are lunging from the neckline of that gown like rats fleeing a sinking ship only add to the continental glamour of our Parisian in Pink, amiright? As does her undoubtedly gin-soaked breath and general aura of amiable confusion.

And that's Friday for ya! Happy weekend, troops.


  1. I wonder if that bizarre scarf-grab is subtle Regency body language for "I'm super easy right now so you best seduce me before I have to sober up."

  2. Oh, the things that scarf has seen. The terrible, terrible things. I bet she adds a quadrafoil at every conquest.

  3. I think the plunging plastic pink daisies are a conveniet excuse for showing waaay too much boobage.
    And did she put her wig on backwards?