Friday, November 25, 2011

American Duchess Awesomeness!

In a blatant and unapologetic effort to lend legitimacy to my blog, I am going to post this American Duchess Pemberley shoe update. The irony of this is, of course, that ANYONE who ever happens to find my blog has undoubtedly already posted this on their own blog.

7 years ago.

Or however long it takes someone to realize that I'm occupying valuable space over here.*

*I'm not occupying valuable space. 
 Please look away.

I do not personally own a pair of American Duchess shoes, but they rock my nerdy historical clothing world. Mainly because none of us, no matter how skilled or unskilled we may be at this job/hobby/research thing we do have a lack of creativity. I LOVE that these shoes can be customized. Wanna copy a pair in a museum? Done. Wanna trot out your inner 18th-early 19th century innovator and create something wholly new? Go for it! I love that the "Georgiana" line (2010) can be had in leather AND dyable satin for optimal artistic expression.

Plus they're insanely affordable. Not by oh-I'll-just-hop-over-to-Evil-Empiremart-and-buy-a-pair-of-$5-"ballet"-flats affordable, but compared to other accessible and reputable historical footwear purveyors? Excellent. Especially since you have a beautiful pair of finished shoes OR a blank canvas, depending on your vision and the end product is as close, (or closer) to a convincing original as you're likely to get in this lifetime.

I've yet to pop the cherry on my latent Regency interest by making a dress or any accessories, but I have logged several hundred hours watching Jane Austen novel adaptations by the BBC on YouTube. So by my reckoning, acquiring a pair of gorgeous American Duchess Pemberley shoes is the next logical step.

But  first, I really should finish this Jehossee thing so I can actually graduate.

Even though it reads like bad ad-copy, this post isn't actually supposed to be an advertisement for American Duchess. But if it comes across that way, consider it a sign from the universe to Get Thee Over There and shop.

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